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Outlander: Romantic Sci-Fi FTW

Picture this: Claire, a WWII nurse, touches some ancient stones in Inverness, near craigh nah dun, and finds herself in the middle of 18th century Scotland. She falls into the hands of the MacKenzie clan and Jamie Fraser, the red haired heir of Lallybroch, Lord in training, whose 6 ft tall and red haired physique would test the resolve of the most chaste of women. The kicker? He is a kind, smart, multilingual, highly educated and strategist and warrior who happens to fall head over heals in live with Claire at first sight. Gasp! To make it more fun, author Diana Gabaldon made his character demure and virginal, with no knowledge of the inner workings of sex and love. 🤔 Thankfully he is a fast learner and adapts to Claire’s 1950s feminist attitude.


Outlander is a story for women by artists who understand how important it is to give their audience more than a daytime soap romp in the sack feel. Refreshing, to say the least. 😎 The female characters are not mere damsels in distress that need to be saved. They act as saviors, matriarchs/leaders, warriors and survivors. From witches to prostitutes, they are empowered, driven, ambitious and cunning. Family, duty and honor are constant themes in the Fraser’s journey, as they act as each other’s catalyst to achieve greatness. Together, they build their own fortune, becoming a family that fights the English, defies traditional gender roles in all eras, and manages to overcome the emotional devastation of losing a child and each other.


Kilts, swords and Highland Scottish history inspired Diana Gabaldon to write an epic romantic story that crosses both time and space in a way never seen before. Ronald D. Moore, of Battlestar Galactica remake fame, took a leap of faith and brought Outlander to Starz. The result was an experience that entices both men and women because of its unique mix of suspense, fantasy/science-fiction, action, intrigue and complex interpersonal relationships with enough sex appeal to warrant being on a premium cable network. If you are looking for a show that will spark both a sense of wonder and of passionate desire, without being overwhelmed by robots, physics, and the trappings of the modern world, take a chance on Jamie and Claire. You will not regret it.

Watch Seasons 1, 2 and 3 On Demand or stream through Starz and their affiliate online services.


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