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Fall(ing) into Château Enginerd

Eight months into this new custom home build odyssey we are finally at a 85% completion rate of the Builder’s to do list. Considering the builder became a full project manager for a private company during the summer and quit the business, we are doing better than most. 💪🤓 A blessing in disguise because we’ve had to do a lot of fixes ourselves, learning a lot of about DIY and interior design along the way. It helps we had help from our friends, especially from my favorite minion EC who makes every project seem so easy. 🛠 The Enginerd force is strong with this family!

Looking around the garage, one of the items spoke to me. It was a window screens whose twin was outside the garage side door braving the elements nicely. Three of the included screens were damaged during construction most likely by a rookie worker; they all had left bent frames. A fourth one went AWOL and was never found, which is odd because a lot of extra construction materials were left on the premises. A quick online search revealed that all we needed was a $40 investment and a trip to the local hardware store to get this project closed out so we went for it. One phone call and 30 mins later I had fixed the screens and salvaged enough frame and screen to make the missing one once the corner brackets arrive.

Screen mending session. 😎

EC said it best “your builder never ceases to amaze me”. He is right because we are still owed the yard leveling, which we were expecting would be done by the end of fall but it seems it will have to wait until 2018. 😣😥 At some point he will pay us to go away, or at least we hope the inception text messages will stew in his subconscious quickly enough to get this closed out.

Stay tuned…

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Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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