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The Odyssey of The Amazons (by Kevin Grevioux)

My local comic book store geeks put everything Wonder Woman in our box to make sure I don’t miss out on any of Diana’s adventures inside and outside of the DC Universe. Because of my MBA, I got seriously behind on my reading, and to lower the pile of to be read, it seemed like a good idea to read this stand alone six chapter/book mini series. By the way, this story is written as a stand alone cross over story about the Amazons pre Diana, so don’t expect her to show up even though her name is on the title, like I mistakenly did. Overall it works as quick entertainment to enjoy during winter or spring break. Much needed girl power romp to refuel the inner warrior.

At first the story shows promise. General Hessia, a strong independent African-looking woman, is tasked with finding fellow Amazon-like warriors around the world. Cast away on an odyssey of epic proportions they meet with Vikings, Jothun and mystical creatures as they complete their mission. The narrative is a very interesting and unique take on the values of the sisterhood, the woes of being prideful and selfish, and their relationship with the Goddesses who created them. When I started issue five though it started to feel more like a combination of a coming of age story and a midlife crisis, with lots of panels about making amends, accepting weakness, showing courage and defying destiny. It lost a bit of steam because it didn’t go in the expected direction of a feel good story, and it opened up more questions that it answered.

If that was the idea behind the writing, then it got it done. If not, that’s why it lost me. Regardless, the themes lend themselves to good philosophical discussions about the true reason behind the Amazon’s existence and our USA perception of free will. Can they forge their own destiny and escape the trappings of being the God’s playthings? Should they be more than warriors and immortal peacekeepers? What is their true nature and calling? The open ended conclusion leaves room to continue and revisit the tale, which can help enhance what was already presented. I enjoyed it enough to recommend it even with 3/5 star Goodreads reviews. Value is in the eye of the beholding reader.

If you are into reading all WW material, with or sans Diana, you will not want to skip it. If you are looking for more Diana Prince in print, this is not for you. I can see this as good reading material for mid to late teens trying to figure out life, gender roles and authority. The artwork is worth a gander too.


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