Mrs Enginerd

Struggles that Shape Us

Love her writings! What is your biggest struggle? Mine is trying to be normal, to fit in even though I was made to stand out. #NerdProblems #UnsolicitedAdvice #HonestMamacita

Honest Mamacita

Let’s talk about struggles – everybody has them! But what is the difference inherent in people that they view struggle differently? Psychologists call it “locus of control“, either we believe that we control our lives or that our life is controlled by factors other than ourselves. As human beings, it is in our nature to not want to blame ourselves for negative outcomes; think of it as a built-in safety net, a defense mechanism. Now even knowing all of that, I still blame my husband for things… sometimes it just feels right. LOL

Ask yourself, “what was (is) my greatest struggle?” If you have never had a struggle in your life, then I truly feel sorry for you. See, I believe that struggles are opportunities for growth. You will survive and you will come out a more advanced you, whether that is stronger, smarter, or happier. Now, let…

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