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Moving on Up! Update

We thought that the new house would be ready by September 19th, moved from the original September 9th date and boy were we wrong! Our local utility district is taking its sweet time to come and hook up the water and power. At least we get our very own transformer! (Must be the AC load but hey, I just like saying I have a transformer. Hehe) If all goes well, we get the house on the 29th. Big IF.

Because of the delays we lost the loan rate lock and have to eat up a few percentage points to keep a decent APR. My credit got shot for some unknown reason – the upgrades did add some weight to the credit cards but not enough to warrant such a steep drop) – and the current house we own has gotten 0 offers. The end of this journey is nowhere in sight and I still need to go pick a backsplash for the kitchen. It has been a bumpy ride and we can’t wait for this rollercoaster to be over!

Once the water and sewer hook up domino falls, the rest is easy. Between the day I wrote this and the 29th we may see the tile and flooring installed, the doors put up and the driveway concrete poured. There is a lot of work to be done and we hope the weather holds and cooperates. The last thing we need is damage because of the missing gutters or debris falling on the structure. Hey, at least it is insured!

Last thing we need to pick is the security and automation systems. We still haven’t decided and many of the missing trim and upgrades will have to be completed before or after moving. As long as my husband reschedules the delivery of the new couch, we should be okay. This month needs to lighten up. Moving in Octobet will be hell…

Stay tuned!

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