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Stranger Things: 80s Sci-Fi Meets Netflix

When I started to watch Stranger Things I thought to myself: “What will future generations think about and 80s looking show filmed for release in 2016?”. It was so well produced that the 1980s items, dress and slang had me believe it was an actual 80s series. If I hadn’t grown up seeing Mathew Modine (Dr. Martin Brenner) and Wynona Rider (Joyce Byers) as the teen heroes of that decade, they could have fooled me.

Lucas, Mike, Eleven and Dustin.

This Stephen King meets Labyrinth drama centers around a small town Gooniesque group of boys, Mike, Dustin and Lucas, who lose friend Will to suspicious circumstances. Throughout their search, they have encounters with a secret government agency because they find Eleven, a girl with extraordinary powers (similar to ET in fashion) that helps them navigate the supetnatural world that is holding Will hostage. Full of references to the 80s and nerd culture – just check out their D&D board in episode 1 – and you will be magically transported to the days of Madonna songs and action sequence montages.

The parents in the series are also caught up in the sci-fi thriller aspect of the hunt for Will Byers, including Chief Hopper and Joyce, who are truly the adult heroes of this mess. Joyce’s live and intuition ultimately unravel the mystery of her son’s disappearance in a very scientific fashion. Even the teenage “sex crazed” older siblings step up too in support of their zealous younger siblings and won’t stop until the enemy is vanquished. By the end of the show you are left wondering how they could possibly top this season but the last scene reveals where we might be heading. It is in all its glory the best 80s homage piece to sci-fi you will ever watch until season 2 begins. Lots of girl power in this one too!

Stream all eight episodes now on Netflix. Worth every penny.

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