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Voices (A Poem)

They tell me what to do and I listen, Taking turns to impart their wisdom. Calculating, methodical, completely anachronical, Pushing me to color outside the lines, To embrace anarchy and rebel. Walking the halls of memory, I can hear them all clearly, The voices of those whom I lost, Jimminy Crickets, In my head, Pulling […]

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I’m Here for The Groom (A Poem)

I’m here for the man who helped me with my thermodynamic’s homework, For the dude that told my ex to back off when I left him for my now husband, For the Starcraft nerd that let me create a Space Marine fleet when the guys in the room doubted my “strategery”. I’m here for the dude […]

Château Enginerd Mrs Enginerd

Moving on Up!!

It’s official. The Enginerds have moved out of the Maison and are now living in temporary housing until Château closes. Woop woop! Leaving the keys was a bittersweet moment but we were ready to embark on the next 15 year journey together. The house had been with us 10.5 years and it was too small […]

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The Romanticization Of Friendship

During the last couple of years, I have noticed that considering your lover your best friend is trending. The amount of commertials on TV and online selling items to commemorate these dual role couples has skyrocketed. Entire product and jewelry lines aim to sell to this coveted audience because they are more than happy to […]