Mrs Enginerd Poetry

Voices (A Poem)

They tell me what to do and I listen,
Taking turns to impart their wisdom.
Calculating, methodical, completely anachronical,
Pushing me to color outside the lines,
To embrace anarchy and rebel.

Walking the halls of memory,
I can hear them all clearly,
The voices of those whom I lost,
Jimminy Crickets,
In my head,
Pulling me through a life without them.

Guessing only what they’d tell me if they were still here,
I set on a hero’s quest to keep alive their legacy,
My steps confident and unwavering,
Unyielding and reliable,
Ensuring they would be proud of me.

I thank the stars for welcoming them into their brood,
For the light they shine brightly upon me guides me home.
Words cannot express how much I miss them,
How important it is to keep them alive in me.

The sorrow envelops me like a shadow,
Keeps me warm, comfortable;
A second skin that makes me impervious to further loses.
The grief fuels me, inspires me,
No longer a crushing weight,
And prepares me for the departures that linger,

Someday I will transform all this energy into something beautiful.
Someday I will not hear them anymore.
They will die with me.
The silence deafening,
Their love spent well.

By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

2 replies on “Voices (A Poem)”

I’m sorry for all all the loss, agony, and heartache that you’ve undergone.
Once again you’ve found the strength to move through the hurt and around those that want to drag you down. The fallen certainly would be proud of you-perhaps just as proud as those that are still standing.


Everyone grieves in their own way. It is hard to find empathic people, especially when life turns into a competition between emotional states. It is never easy to see someone leave because they will remain alive in your memories. Carrying that pain through life is the true struggle. Hugs!


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