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Are Weddings No Longer Relevant?

By now, many of my blog followers know my beef with weddings, and with the post The Wedding: Take Two – The Ceremony and The Reception, so this title shouldn’t come as a surprise but, hear me out. With a population that is becoming less religious and that is leaving the nest to shack up long […]

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The Pink Tax

One of my friends used this phrase recently and I was flabbergasted by its accuracy. The Pink Tax is a term she uses to describe how much more expensive and item was just because it was pink when compared to traditional kinder colors or boy standard toys. Although our family is a firm believer that […]

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You Are…

Rude, inconsiderate, unkind and uncouth. Completely amoral, unhinged and unrelenting. There is nothing redeeming or charming about your personality which makes me wonder why I cared so much about you to begin with. Was it me? My naiveté? Or was it you and your joie de vivre which confused me. For such an apathetic demeanor […]