Are Weddings No Longer Relevant?

By now, many of my blog followers know my beef with weddings, and with the post The Wedding: Take Two - The Ceremony and The Reception, so this title shouldn't come as a surprise but, hear me out. With a population that is becoming less religious and that is leaving the nest to shack up long... Continue Reading →

seaQuest DSV (NBC)

If you ever wondered about what things hardcore nerds treasure is cult classic shows. Although Netflix and other sources aren't blasting that they have the episodes of this undersea drama, my hope is that they bring them back soon. It has the best of both worlds, the real science of deep water exploration with the... Continue Reading →

The Royal “We”

When I was learning to speak and write in English my mom taught me about a concept that is called the royal We. The idea is very ingenious and was coined by monarchs and persons of high influence to speak on behalf of the organization, estate, state or government they represent when in fact they are... Continue Reading →

The Loss of Meaning

Ever wonder why there is so much miscommunication among peers? Aside from slang and the occasional acronym or new word meld, I have noticed that many of my friends get into arguments because they failed to grasp the meaning of a word in context. Blame the English language for using the same word to mean... Continue Reading →

No Need To Apologize, Friend

Throughout my career, I have taken many leadership and brand development courses. Upon further observation, I have noticed that all these seminars have one thing in common: They ask people to stop apologizing! Saying sorry for the sake of being polite is not only wasteful but unnecessary. Why? It can work against you by making... Continue Reading →

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