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Statistical Ups and Downs (A Poem)

The pendulum swings. One minute you are flying high, Successful, brilliant, ruefully optimistic And the next you are broken and beaten, Bruised, Prone on the ground watching others soar. The data of your life gets processed, Based on who you know, what you know and who you are a statistical map gets plotted. Thousands of […]

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“Why do you speak English so good?” – Well, because I studied the language.

There is a difference between speaking  a second language and learning it. Knowing a few words can help you get around in a foreign country or can help bridge a gap with fellow tourists or coworkers but understanding the language and its roots, its nuances and lexicon, requires careful study. To fully claim mastery, one […]

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A Loss For Words

I wish I could say that I’ve missed you, That the days passed by without the thought of you, That no one has mentioned your name, Or asked me how you were doing. I wish I could say that I need you, Like the air I need to breath, But since I can’t see you, […]

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The Loss of Meaning

Ever wonder why there is so much miscommunication among peers? Aside from slang and the occasional acronym or new word meld, I have noticed that many of my friends get into arguments because they failed to grasp the meaning of a word in context. Blame the English language for using the same word to mean […]