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Big Heart, Big Guilt

More. There’s always something more that could’ve been done. A larger donation. A bigger effort. A grander gesture. A better plan or result… It’s hard to not feel guilty when your imagination can think of a 1000 different ways to raise more funds. To engage more people. To advocate for the cause. To heighten an […]

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Are Weddings No Longer Relevant?

By now, many of my blog followers know my beef with weddings, and with the post The Wedding: Take Two – The Ceremony and The Reception, so this title shouldn’t come as a surprise but, hear me out. With a population that is becoming less religious and that is leaving the nest to shack up long […]

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Zach’s Field of Dreams

Guys, we need your help. Plus, Zach has some news!!!

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15 Ways to Make Your Crowdfunding Campaign More Effective

You may have seen a few campaigns teach their goals fast while others stalled and lingered and wondered, why? It is very easy to fill in the form and launch the campaign but the marketing aspect can make or brake it. Here are some tips to get you on the road to success a bit […]