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The Power or Dissent

Neyt. Nein. No. Nee. Non. La. Iie. Nu. Mana. Nej. Nay. The word no is not just an acceptable answer, it’s also a complete sentence. It’s unapologetic. Brave. Bold. Powerful. Saying no is an art form in and of itself because it requires discipline, courage and deliberate actionable follow through. You can’t back down after […]

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If Pets Were Tax Deductible…

…our bill would turn into a refund. Hehehe

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Fail Quickly and Often…

Never give up! Never surrender! – Galaxy Quest

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This is Why I Fact Check, People!

The truth will set you free, unless it turns out to be fake news. From memes stating that entering your ATM PIN backwards will alert authorities that you are being mugged, and The Onion reports taken seriously, there is a lot of junk out there in the world wide web that was created with the […]

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Own Success

Every time a friend tells me that if they got offered their dream job today they wouldn’t take it, I cringe. Why wouldn’t you take it?! Even if you feel unqualified or you are sure failure will find you eventually, there is no reason to pass up the opportunity of a lifetime. Fake it until […]

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Saint David of Begnaud

Puerto Ricans have an excellent sense of humor, especially during their own humanitarian crises. When this picture first appeared, the islandhad been hit by a category 5 hurricane, María, which devastated the island on September 20th 2017. As they weather the aftermath that left over 4500 people dead – from causes attributable to the lack […]

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¡Feliz Navidad!

Feliz Navidad a los solteros, a los casados y/o con hijos, a los que estan enjevaos, y a los que están en la brega con los babies, fajaos en una casa de un solo proveedor. Agradezco el servicio de los militares en deployment, los profesionales médicos y de salud que están sanando corazones rotos esta […]

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Stop Shaming People!

Before you wonder where I got this idea from, it is not a thing or a video that went viral. Neither did a particular post that got epic resonses prompt me to write this. From my corner of the world, I just got tired of hearing people’s concerns about the poor and unprivileged while the […]