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The Power or Dissent












The word no is not just an acceptable answer, it’s also a complete sentence. It’s unapologetic. Brave. Bold. Powerful. Saying no is an art form in and of itself because it requires discipline, courage and deliberate actionable follow through. You can’t back down after unsheathing or brandishing it. Be aware of the consequences, of its impactful reach.

If you feel guilty after using it, then you are doing it wrong.


The best part of this short and decisive intonation is its conviction. A sign of dissent. Of choosing an alternate path. Of breaking with the status quo. With a simple syllable those around you will learn that you are not okay with whatever was agreed to or discussed. That you have reasons to think differently. For all to take a step back and share their logic and perception of the facts. Two letters quickly force others to question their motives. To rethink their strategies. To accept they may be on the wrong side of an issue. Saying “No.” challenges biases and sources of information. It can shift the balance of power under authoritarian rule.

It’s a negotiation tool that, when followed by silence, can break through the beat crafted arguments.

A simple syllable can build or tear apart hopes, dreams and well wishes. It can save lives and it can also destroy them. Be very cognizant and respectful of the absolute value of the word. Don’t abuse it’s shrewdness. Don’t dilute it’s worth by compromising. Use it as a shield that protects, as a beacon of hope, as proof that there is a better way to address a situation.

Wield it wisely.

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