Saint David of Begnaud

Puerto Ricans can keep their sense of humor even under a humanitarian crisis. Category 4 Hurricane María devastated the island this past September 20th, and people are desperate to get news and updates from relatives and friends in the disaster zones. CBS sent reporter David Begnaud to cover the storm before it hit and he got stuck there with his crew upon landfall. Instead of asking to be evacuated David took to the streets and shared through his trusty video equipment and uplink connection the true panorama of the social and political climate, walking us through the chaos and becoming a champion for those whose voices were not being heard.

It has been because of his efforts that many agencies and rescue efforts stopped being ignored by the administration and the emergency management staff. His daily posts are a ray of light for those in the diaspora who cannot find flights or relief crews that can deliver messages and supplies directly to their loved ones. On September 28th his team departed for Aguadilla to give followers a better gauge of the situation in the west coast. His resolve is becoming legendary.


As people clamor for his Pulitzer Prize nomination, we can tell that there are many great things to accomplish in his future. The people of Puerto Rico have proclaimed him an adoptive son, and I have been convinced he deserves this honor because of his unique and truthful coverage of the events.

Check out his Facebook page for more information and up to date status.


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