Broken Hill, Part Two: How Destilería Serrallés and Cervecera de Puerto Rico Plan to Conquer the World (by W)

Puerto Rico, a small island in the Caribbean, has been pillaged and plundered by conquistadors and colonizers for over 500 years, a trend that has resulted in a very strong black market, rum running subculture. Although taxes and cabotage laws do not permit this broken hill to directly do commerce with any country other than... Continue Reading →

Roseanne v. María

The world of entertainment and politics collided this week as a racist tweet ended Roseanne Barr's eponymous show on ABC. For the first couple of hours, among outcries of 1rst amendment violations, the country was distracted from the real news of the day: Harvard published a study that estimated the Hurricane María death toll in... Continue Reading →

Countdown to 10!: The Engagement Dinner

This year marks the 10th anniversary of my wedding to W. As part of the celebration, I will be documenting our relationship from the proposal up to the wedding, and each year up to our 10th anniversary. December 2007...T - 1 year to the big day! Our families had never been in the same room... Continue Reading →

Navidades Post María

Salgo de Hato Rey con un cuarto de tanque de gasolina, suficiente para llegar a Carolina y virar par de veces. La E de Empty es una sugerencia, y todo buen Boricua sabe que hay par de millas más despúes de que la flecha pase de la marca. Los semáforos a veces funcionan, a veces... Continue Reading →

En la unión está la fuerza

Querido Presidente Trump, No se si todo éste tweeteo es para los Rusos, los Árabes o los inversionistas Chinos pues no hace sentido pensar que el pueblo comparte su opinión en cuanto a Puerto Rico y la ayuda para el Huracán María. Quizás es porque ve al Boricua como ciudadano de segunda clase quasi recíproco... Continue Reading →

Saint David of Begnaud

Puerto Ricans can keep their sense of humor even under a humanitarian crisis. Category 4 Hurricane María devastated the island this past September 20th, and people are desperate to get news and updates from relatives and friends in the disaster zones. CBS sent reporter David Begnaud to cover the storm before it hit and he... Continue Reading →

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