Adulting Mrs Enginerd

The George Floyd Demonstrations Conundrum

I’ve walked streets in cities across the world after riots and massive protests. Feeling the anger and despair is definitely more effective when you experience firsthand the destruction. In Europe and South Americs citizens didn’t clean up after their marches. Many considered it disrespectful to erase the aftermath quickly, as the masses wanted the government […]

Adulting Hurricane Maria Mrs Enginerd

January 32, 2020

Many will remember the month of January in 2020 as its own separate year. A big huge giant never ending Monday. Between the January 7th earthquakes and month long aftershocks, the Australian wildfires, Trump’s impeachment trial, the impending war with Iran (where a commercial flight fell, victim of a missile attack), Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s […]

Hurricane Maria Mrs Enginerd

En la unión está la fuerza

Querido Presidente Trump, No se si todo éste tweeteo es para los Rusos, los Árabes o los inversionistas Chinos pues no hace sentido pensar que el pueblo comparte su opinión en cuanto a Puerto Rico y la ayuda para el Huracán María. Quizás es porque ve al Boricua como ciudadano de segunda clase quasi recíproco […]