Hurricane Maria Mrs Enginerd

En la unión está la fuerza

Querido Presidente Trump, No se si todo éste tweeteo es para los Rusos, los Árabes o los inversionistas Chinos pues no hace sentido pensar que el pueblo comparte su opinión en cuanto a Puerto Rico y la ayuda para el Huracán María. Quizás es porque ve al Boricua como ciudadano de segunda clase quasi recíproco […]

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I Am Wonder Woman

This one goes out to the women in my life who are full of wonder, fire, resilience, love and wisdom. I am love personified, The neverending fire that fuels desire and dreamers, The unextinguishable passion that drives humanity’s will to thrive, To exist. I am the warrior, the queen of light, the princess of perseverance, […]

Adulting Mrs Enginerd

“A Nation, under God, Indivisible…”

We are standing at a crossroads. The high road looks like the right one to take but with so many people going low you start to wonder if you can endure the hike. It feels like common sense is common anymore and all the guise of civility has been ripped off our shoulders. Why are […]