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16 Reasons 2016 Sucked And The 1 Reason It Didn’t 

2016 was a Jabba the Hutt year; it wasn’t pretty, took more than it gave, and crushed whatever hopes we had to break with its chains. The year was so bad that not even Fidel Castro survived it, and there’s over 600 assassination attemps listed under his name. As a community we were taught a […]

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The Night, Eternal – The Dawn, Unyielding

The darkness spreads. All hope is lost in the eyes of men, The streets are full of despair and reckless abandon. Our worst fears have been realized, Now we know we are not unique, Just snowflakes melting in the heat of the passion that comes from mourning the end of an era. Silenced will the […]

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“A Nation, under God, Indivisible…”

We are standing at a crossroads. The high road looks like the right one to take but with so many people going low you start to wonder if you can endure the hike. It feels like common sense is common anymore and all the guise of civility has been ripped off our shoulders. Why are […]

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Rantings of a Disenfranchised Millennial

As an independent entity that can analyze, process and think without being spoonfed the answer, I get frustrated at my peers for not challenging the hegemony and rebel. The unspoken truth is that Millennials were brainwashed to conform, to trust their parents blindly. Many of us inhetit our political views from our parentals and if […]