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I Am Wonder Woman

This one goes out to the women in my life who are full of wonder, fire, resilience, love and wisdom.

I am love personified,
The neverending fire that fuels desire and dreamers,
The unextinguishable passion that drives humanity’s will to thrive,
To exist.

I am the warrior, the queen of light, the princess of perseverance,
The resilient goodwill towards all creatures and beings on this planet.
The mother, the child, the sister, the lover,
The fighter that never surrenders to bigotry, injustice and inequality.
I give what I take and I take what I give; hope and kindness, generously.

I am faith unyielding,
Born and renewed by the tears of frustration and anxiety.
I will find a way to guide you through the darkness,
To emerge victorious,
We will conquer all your fears,
All your problems,
shield and sword at hand.

I am the lasso of truth,
Your guardian from the lies this world tells you,
Bringing clarity and peace to everything you hear and witness.
No one will ever confuse or manipulate you again since you now hold wisdom and knowledge inside your heart and soul.
Be the beacon so others may emerge from the cloud of uncertainty and doubt.
Fight ignorance and educate the masses. They will welcome your newfound enlightenment.

I am the leader who will take you on the journey of your life,
We shall walk the Earth looking to right wrongs,
Recruiting women of great character and influence to liberate our sisters from tyrannical rule.
We will empower them to succeed and to build a society fit for Amazons,
Where no men shall rule over us or weaken our resolve.
We won’t stand for anything less.

I am Wonder Woman,
fierce, unencumbered by tradition and female stereotypes.
Together we shall break every mold and expectation,
Every glass ceiling and escalator.
We will be genuine, honest and brave regardless of the cost.
Today we stand strong, united, as the battle ahead us demands it.
Love must trump hate.
We shall overcome!

By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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