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Supporting Your Friends’ Dreams Shouldn’t Be Optional

I was raised by a flexible old school family that taught me to always patronize home grown products, services and peeps’s wacky business ventures. For example, my mom didn’t necessarily need 20 lbs of laundry detergent but if a friend was starting a career as an Amway sales rep or their own laundry detergent shop she would give them a chance. What was there to lose?

I’m excluding from this sentiment endeavors that go against personal morals, code of ethics, are against the law or are by design an unreasonable request. 

Throughout the years we helped various friends and family, sometimes even strangers through social media, to start their own businesses, raise funds and pursue their dreams. Money was never a deterrent as we found a way to cooperate within our budget constraints,  and we never gave more than we were comfortable with losing. We do gifts not loans as this eliminates the burden of having to wait for repayment. You’d be surprised to learn how a dollar donation can fuel and inspire a person to persevere when society and their own kind were telling them they would fail.

The only reason I can think of that may explain why most folks don’t support another’s  journey to fulfill their destiny is because many adults are risk averse. Jealousy may play a role but petty and small people have no place in the mind of dreamers. The average Jane and Joe don’t want to rock the boat and navigate out into the seas of entrepreneurship nor desire to put all or some of their money into an endeavor that has a high probability to fail. This is why many well meaning and deserving humans end up begging strangers for money, going to shows like Shark Tank to get investors and funds to grow and expand already proven concepts and ideas. By extending this fear of losing to sure bets we are missing out in opportunities to enact, effect and affect change. If we dont have thousands to spare we should consider in what other ways we can contribute. New ideas and companies run the world, create jobs and help grow the economy. Thinking small and not supporting others so they may succeed is what got us into this financial mess in the first place.

There’s enough money and goodwill to go around especially if we are willing to lend both to those who really need it.

When presented with a chance to cooperate with a friend’s quest, I suggest you give it a shot. If you like their services spread the word. Share their posts and fundraising campaigns. Don’t assume that because you didn’t like it or didn’t understand their motivation others won’t be interested in their offerings or will be empathic to their plight. If you hated the idea or had no use for it tell them how they could do better and follow up to retest the improvements before not recommending or giving it negative reviews. Be brave and communicate. Don’t smile and nod when asked for feedback. People link the system and we should feel an inherent need to assist our loved ones to succeed – within reason.

On the flip side, it is very egotistical to expect them to care for you and your dreams when you haven’t shown interest or have cared about those you are asking for support. Be warned that peeps could already be turned off by many attempts from your part to start other endeavours. Use your resources wisely. Patrons, it is very rude and disrespectful to ask for discounts and free services from those we didn’t fund, assisted or sponsored. Your friends and family need the cash flow and giving you a hand out for “free” won’t advance their efforts. Offer an exchange of goods or services if you or they can’t afford whatever it is to participate. We’ve done these trades many times and it always worked to our advantage. A true friend pays the full price, refers you to the world (even if they can’t afford you) and endorses projects to launch the business or fundraising campaign in the right direction. They will also tell you when your business or campaign may be a bust, is not marketable or profitable based on experience or will refocus your energy to be more effective o efficient.

I’m not asking you to feel obligated to lend your friends a hand but if you already don’t feel you should at least contribute or care about their success, then why are they in your life to begin with? Be it driving a peep to the doctor for life changing surgery or donating items for a garage sale, we can all easily find a non off-putting way to give someone a shot at making it. If no one has done it before, maybe they are slated to be the first one! 🙂 If not, at least they tried and gained knowledge and insight. That’s more than many achieve or accomplish in a lifetime. History is made by the bold and misbehaved. Hehe

May we all find the village that gets us fully funded to reach our stars…

By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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