Adulting Hurricane Maria Mrs Enginerd

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light!”

¡Viva la revolución! Perhaps it was coincidental: The people of Puerto Rico were out in droves, in front of La Fortaleza, the Governor’s mansion, asking for Ricky’s resignation on Bastille Day. Just as the French were celebrating the events that led to the turning point of their revolution against the monarchy, Puertorricans attempted to dethrone […]

Hurricane Maria Mrs Enginerd

Roseanne v. María

The world of entertainment and politics collided this week as a racist tweet ended Roseanne Barr’s eponymous show on ABC. For the first couple of hours, among outcries of 1rst amendment violations, the country was distracted from the real news of the day: Harvard published a study that estimated the Hurricane María death toll in […]

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Good vs Evil, Part III

As I type this, 36 families will received news that their loved one perished and 147 families will receive word that their loved one was injured. In Ataturk Airport in Istambul, three men armed with AK-47s and bombs detonated their vests in the main terminal, claiming it was for their cause. It is not certain […]