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Good vs Evil, Part III

As I type this, 36 families will received news that their loved one perished and 147 families will receive word that their loved one was injured. In Ataturk Airport in Istambul, three men armed with AK-47s and bombs detonated their vests in the main terminal, claiming it was for their cause. It is not certain which terrorist group has ordered the attack but we already know the usual suspects. The blood of the innocent os on their hands now.

This war folks cannot be won by ignoring it. The tensions slowly creep up from Syria and the Middle East to Istanbul, Paris and beyond. It will be a fight against good and evil, against a religion and ideal with oppressive power and very little tolerance for the infidels. A fight we cannot win unless we stand united and declare that enough is enough. How many more refugees do we need to watch die in the blue waters of the Mediterranean before we decide to step in and do something about it?

Many have predicted the end of our civilization as we know it but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it was going to come through. At this rate, our children will have to defend their right to live because they were born to an American country; because their religion and beliefs differ from a minority’s. When are we going to learn as humans that we must coexist. This rock has enough space for all of us. Why do some insist on ruling over us all?

Talk about anxiety! An entire generation has grown up with war and carnage on their TV sets. We have become desensitized to violence, greed and the abuse of power. As long as the idiot box is playing we turn a blind eye to the problems of our fellow humans. We pretend these conflicts don’t exist or cost too much money to support. Friends, there is no wall that will save us. Sooner or later the efforts of the terrorists will reach our shores and wreak havoc. When that occurs, where will we hide?

There is no denying the planet is under turmoil. The stress the men and women who walked this Earth caused to the environment is great. We need to reach a point of enlightenment and commit to greater good or we will be left wondering what happened when the nukes explode. This is not about good and evil anymore, it is about survival. About doing what is right and not what is easy. These people cannot be negotiated with but yet we must try ton use reason and diplomacy. There’s so much as stake. I hope our leaders put on their big boy pants and address this. No one should die because they are free. Tyranny has no place amongst us anymore.


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I really have no words. Every day is getting worst. Therd are so many awful things happening around us. Animals are being killed and abandoned to die here and there; there are still children starving in the middle of the 21st century! We are still at war since thousands of years ago for political and religious views. We are still being governed by punitive politics that prohibit our freedom to prosper. There are new viruses forming. If these are not reasons for people to live scared, depressed and anxiety I don’t know what could be a main cause. Mental illness is at its worst in history and don’t even get me started on our education system. It is so hard to battle these events and keep sane and keep going. The light seems to vanish further mire while the darkness keeps creeping in. I don’t believe in anything anymore, I don’t see any reason to pray. I feel like organizing a massive revolution like Mandela or something. I’m in awe….

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