Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Own Success

Every time a friend tells me that if they got offered their dream job today they wouldn’t take it, I cringe. Why wouldn’t you take it?! Even if you feel unqualified or you are sure failure will find you eventually, there is no reason to pass up the opportunity of a lifetime. Fake it until you make it. Fight until there is nothing more worth protecting. Never, ever, sell yourself short. Never!

Don’t be afraid of your own success, of having to leave behind a comfortable life to lead a more fulfilling and exciting one. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you are not ready for happiness or a higher paycheck with greater responsibilities. You got this! There are too many confident idiots out there running and ruining countries for us smarty pants to doubt ourselves. Shying from the challenge is only going to guarantee that someone less worthy gets your just deserves.

Going outside of your comfort zone to achieve greatness applies to all aspects of your life: marriage, parenting, career, finding the perfect sofa. Success doesn’t discriminate by race, gender, or self-esteem strength. We have to stop looking inwards for reasons to avoid taking a plunge. We only need one reason to dive head first into the deep waters and learn to swim. Most of us are bored anyway because our skills are underutilized at work. It is easy to become disengaged when there are no challenging tasks or research opportunities. Everything in life is about expanding your knowledge and skills while building a tougher, more intelligent, resilient human being. Now is your time to shine. Reward yourself by saying yes to an amzing experience, for better or worse, it will take you closer to fulfilling your dreams. Reach upwards and touch the sky!

Go get ’em!

If I hadn’t bought Château Enginerd and my sister’s rental fresh of thr layoff or if I hadn’t started this blog and the MBA, I’d still be on my couch feeling sorry for myself. Find your inner motivator and feed it. Let the passion inside you burn high and hotter than ever. Dare to go beyond the norm. You will not regret it, even  if you fail, because you will have lived.

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