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The Killing Season (A&E)

Eleven bodies were discovered in the Gilgo and Fire Beach areas of Long Island between December 2010 and May 2011. Four victims were found buried in burlap sacks, one was male and the rest were dismembered. Sadly one of the deceased was of a toddler which was determined to be related to one of the others. All but the child were sex workers, missing persons whose families had been searching frantically for them for months and some years. Close by in Oak Beach, Shannan Gilbert remains were found but her death had been rules accidental. Five years after the gruesome discovery, Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills investigated the murders, aid by Websleuths, in the hopes of finding new leads and bringing closure to the families of these unfortunate victims.

A&E’s The Killing Season is more than a true crime documentary, it sheds light on an epidemic that affects the USA but that gets almost no coverage: the killing, sexual abuse and exploitation of women in the sex and drug trades. The Missing Missing, the unreported ladies and men of the night, are not only marginalized but have become the targets for serial killers along our highways and coast lines. The documentary team goes to Atlantic City, NJ, Daytona Beach, FL, and Albuquerque, NM to track down leads that could unearth the identity or whereabouts of the person or persons responsible for these heinous acts of violence.

Season one’s eight episodes are full of emotion, unimaginable twists and turns, and lots of insight into the trials and tribulations of those involved in prostitution. Many are forced into this profession to support drug habits, and their demise and current lifestyle did not fully portray who these people had been before they had fallen from grace. Mothers, daughters, wives and friends, these bodies were once wonderful, loving and respected members of society who have never been forgotten by those trying to bring their killers to justice.

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