The Killing Season (A&E)

Eleven bodies were discovered in the Gilgo and Fire Beach areas of Long Island between December 2010 and May 2011. Four victims were found buried in burlap sacks, one was male and the rest were dismembered. Sadly one of the deceased was of a toddler which was determined to be related to one of the... Continue Reading →

Serial (Podcast)

Sarah Koenig, This American Life, and her team began Serial by investigating the story of Adnan Syed, a seventeen year old high school student, was accused and later convicted of strangling and burying his ex girlfriend, Hae Min Lee on a clear January day in Woodlawn, Maryland, back in 1999. During Season 1 they explore... Continue Reading →

El Paro Nacional 

En Puerto Rico, la ciudadanía se unió y planificó un paro nacional pacífico para reclamarle al gobierno que auditen la deuda gubernamentaria y eliminen los recortes que la ley PROMESA y la Junta Fiscal planifican para pagar lo que se debe. Bloquearon el aeropuerto. Marcharon por la Milla de Oro en la zona bancaria. Se... Continue Reading →

Humans (AMC)

What if synthetics, or synths, could become sentient? Part robot, part human, these entities could now feel and experience life like most humans would. The catch? Many of these newly reborn cyborgs have no idea how long they have been online and asleep. They would most certainly want a purpose other than to serve. They... Continue Reading →

Speechless (ABC)

There aren't many shows on air that feature actual disabled actors in credible and good roles but the landscape is quickly changing. When Breaking Bad cast RJ Mitte as Walter White's son they proved that a character with cerebral palsy could be effectively portrayed by a person with the condition. The brilliance of the role... Continue Reading →

American Crime (ABC)

ABC concocted a series in which recurring actors would play different roles in unique story lines each season, similar to American Horror Story. As a device, the reuse of people serves to engage you a bit more since one starts looking forward to spotting the repeat offenders in new character incarnations. For season one, a... Continue Reading →

Fuller House (Netflix)

Nostalgia is a funny thing and depending on the generation, it actually serves as a cash cow. Netflix has managed to, yet again, find another reason to recruit subscribers by producing a series to continue or expand one of the 90s most beloved shows: Full House. As the first of the reunion shows, Fuller house... Continue Reading →

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