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American Crime (ABC)

ABC concocted a series in which recurring actors would play different roles in unique story lines each season, similar to American Horror Story. As a device, the reuse of people serves to engage you a bit more since one starts looking forward to spotting the repeat offenders in new character incarnations.

For season one, a soldier is murdered and his wife survives being shot in the head, leading to many twists and turns that reveal the couple wasn’t as perfect as they seemed. During season two, the story morphs into a tale of bullying and sexual assault at a private school while the nearby public school undergoes its own set of social problems. I have yet to watch season three but it looked promising.

About 10 episodes in length, this series stars Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton in various roles; first as grieving parents and later as director and coach of Leyland High School. The rest of the supporting cast is just as brilliant as these two and have you wondering “What would I do if the same thing happened to me?”. The diversity of the cast is excellent, and has Latinos, Blacks and women well represented in Elvis Nolasco, Regina King and Richard Cabral. New additions are made for ancillary characters just to keep it fresh and give other actors opportunity to participate in what will become a very iconic piece of primetime TV.

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