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American Crime (ABC)

ABC concocted a series in which recurring actors would play different roles in unique story lines each season, similar to American Horror Story. As a device, the reuse of people serves to engage you a bit more since one starts looking forward to spotting the repeat offenders in new character incarnations. For season one, a […]

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América The Beautiful

Mapped by cartographer Amerigo Vespucci, the lands of the New World were named América in his honor. This is why historically anyone born in the Americas is considered American, especially in Spanish where the people of these continents are known as americanos. (When using slang, Spanish speakers call Americans from the USA gringos, not necessarily […]

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Hispanic Heritage Month: September 15th to October 15th

Back in 1968, Representative Edward R Roybal a Democrat from Los Angeles, established legislation to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Week in the USA, which was passed by President Lyndon B. Johnson. It wasn’t until 1988 under President Ronal Regan that is was expanded to a month, with the passing of Public Law 100-402.  Since then the month […]