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Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2 (Netflix)

Although I am a naysayer of all things reboot, Voltron is one of those shows that I can say has benefited from tech advances in animation. It deserved to be remade and this incarnation delivers. Loosely based on the original storyline, all of the main characters return – with the addition of Shiro, pilot of the Black Lion – to save the galaxy from the evil Zarkon by summoning Voltron, Defender of the Universe. Now on its second season, the crew decides to go on the offensive and go after their nemesis to settle the score once and for all.

Will they finally defeat their enemy? Are the Paladins going to finally be able to go back to Earth and continue their search for missing loved ones? Would the galaxy have a need for Voltron after all is saif and done? Watch Season 2 in order to find out what happens to our ragtag band of heroes. It is very very amazing.

****Spoiler Alert****


Season 2 picks up right where we left off. The Paladins and the Castle narrowly escape certain doom by entering a wormhole. By now fault of their own the Lions and the Princess become separated and must find a way back to each other. Infinite time loops aside, the crew is able to meet up to continue their quest to find the knowledge, allies and resources necessary to defeat the Galra Empire.

The characters are placed in unique situations to grow their skills and rapport with the Lions as well as with each other. Pidge finds information on her brother Matt. Keith discovers his true heritage (he has alien blood). Hunk learns to hunker down with the Yellow Lion, a new beast mode. Lance claims the role of sharpshooter and discovers his Blue Lion does well underwater and has sonar capabilities. Shiro embraces his role as leader and strengthens his bond with the Black Lion to shut out Zarkon who, *gasp*, was the original Black Paladin and still carries is bayern. Coran fully becomes the trusted teacher and guide the team needs and Allura lets go of her hate and biases against the Galra to embrace her destiny as Queen and leader of the Voltron legacy. It is a ride you will not want to miss.

The final episode is full of action, intrigue, plot twists and suspense. It is a masterpiece that closes out all of the loops presented in seasons one and two, leaving enough material for many more seasons to come. I’m still pondering what the future will bring for the team, now a self proclaimed family with their missing hero and with Prince Lotor making a return. As we all know Keith will have to lead the team and Allura will most likely step into the role of Blue Lion pilot. (Her suit has patches of blue as a wink to her previous life as a Paladin in the original series.) My husband would love to see these two hook up in a tasteful manner and I told him the writers may skip the traditional relationship triangle and favor Sven, I mean Shiro. (See what I did there? No, it is not a Frozen reference btw.)

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