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Humans (AMC)

What if synthetics, or synths, could become sentient? Part robot, part human, these entities could now feel and experience life like most humans would. The catch? Many of these newly reborn cyborgs have no idea how long they have been online and asleep. They would most certainly want a purpose other than to serve. They would want a chance at fulfilling their dreams and desires. Surely someone must lead them through this new awakening, but who?

Enter the original synths, the first manufactured machines that have a hidden code that can turn any “toaster” into a living sentient being. Anita/Mia, Leo, Max and Niska, figure out that Dr George Millican (William Hurt) gave them the key to the next evolutionary step and the responsibility to protect it. If the code got into the wrong hands all the models could become and pass as humans with a slight tweak with nefarious results. What purpose would this serve?

Creating an entire generation of artificial intelligence that can make a difference and surpass mankind’s own expectations, or destroy it, is not a new theme to sci fi. Just imagine, if they turned on us we couldn’t tell the difference since they are built to mimic the human body, vital organs and all. What if some were already among the living and are forming a resistance. To what end? Freedom? Watch and be blown away by how close we could already be to a robot revolution. The future is now.


Season 2 started February 13th at 10pm and has a short eight episode run per season. The participation of Carrie Ann Moss as a leading AI scientist and developer should gel well with Matrix and fans. Excellent theme for binging and for starter or temperamental sci fi geeks. Not bad for normal people too.


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