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Travelers (Netflix)

Cell groups are sent to the past with a mission: Stop an apocalyptic meteor from striking Earth and making life unbearable and nearly extinct. The Director sends each traveler back in time to inhabit the body of a person who is scheduled to die, taking over their lives and thus rewriting history. Will their plot […]

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Earth One: Wonder Woman Vol. 1

Renowned comic book writers Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette created an alternate origin story for Diana, Princess of the Amazons as part of the Rebirth Earth One series cycle. Based on the reviews I was expecting something spectacular but it turns out it was more of the same: our protagonist learns about her birth and […]

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Earth Day!

April 22nd is know worldwide as Earth Day, a celebration of our planet and the many ways we can help save and conserve it. It was born in  the USA in 1970 to educate people about oil spills, the need for alternative fuels, the protection of endangered species  and the damage carbon emissions were exerting […]