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Silver (Dark Planet)

We met Stephan Franck on a Sunday afternoon at the Emerald City Comic Con selling his artwork in a quaint little booth in the exhibitor main hall. What called us to him was the plethora of The Iron Giant prints available for purchase; this had been one of the first movies we had watched as boyfriend […]

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I am Groot!

If anything, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) experiment has taught us that Disney know how to tug at the heart strings. Their latest gambit, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 caters to such a broad audience it is understandable why it may have felt a bit flat for some hardcore movie buffs, even when landing […]

Comic Books and Super Heroes Mrs Enginerd Wonder Woman: 75 Years+ of Awesome

Earth One: Wonder Woman Vol. 1

Renowned comic book writers Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette created an alternate origin story for Diana, Princess of the Amazons as part of the Rebirth Earth One series cycle. Based on the reviews I was expecting something spectacular but it turns out it was more of the same: our protagonist learns about her birth and […]

Comic Books and Super Heroes Mrs Enginerd

Copperhead Vol.1 

In what can be taken as an homage to the legendary Charles Bronson, our main character Clara Bronson is a bad ass cop that finds a position of Sheriff at the mining town of Copperhead. Accompanied by her young son Zeke, she is starting over after being wrongfully accused and cleared of a murder she […]