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Copperhead Vol.1 

In what can be taken as an homage to the legendary Charles Bronson, our main character Clara Bronson is a bad ass cop that finds a position of Sheriff at the mining town of Copperhead. Accompanied by her young son Zeke, she is starting over after being wrongfully accused and cleared of a murder she didn’t commit. Upon her arrival she meets her new deputy, nicknamed Boo, and immediately is drawn into a web of lies and deceit that could make or break her.

Central to the story is the existence of artificial beings, cyborg like creatures that were part of a past war that affected the universe. These bots and the Natives are trouble enough for the town and its inhabitants who remain in the planet out of convenience or necessity. The cool part of the story is all the futuristic gear and gadgets amidst this wild wild west scenario. It is done so graciously that it blends in an adds to the story, without seeming too steam punkish or outlandish. You will be thrown into the narrative quickly, getting enough data to follow along without getting to far ahead.

The back of the volume has a few creation board bonuses. It provides valuable information about the perspective and angle of the story based on its creator’s notes. Good read for older teens and adults looking for a good investigative serial.

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