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Earth One: Wonder Woman Vol. 1

Renowned comic book writers Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette created an alternate origin story for Diana, Princess of the Amazons as part of the Rebirth Earth One series cycle. Based on the reviews I was expecting something spectacular but it turns out it was more of the same: our protagonist learns about her birth and reason to be after helping Steve Trevor, a US Air Force pilot, escape Paradise Island. What is a bit different is that this time Queen Hypolita sends her Amazons to retrieve the Princess who is wanting to become an ambassador between the two worlds, as she explores the hospital Trevor is in and the rest of the land of man. Her goal is to return to “Earth” after being judged by her mother to help further the plight of women, the sick and those affected by the harsh realities of war becoming their healer.

Although the artwork is superb, Nathan Fairbairn’s vision is ruined by predictable dialogue and satirical remarks. The graphic novel winks at past incarnations of the heroine but it is a bit to overt to be cute or beneficial. I felt like I was reading the same story that I already knew but with some minor alternations. Nothing in the content was avant garde or mind blowing to warrant the price of the edition. Volume 2 is in the works but it really needs to wow me to get my cash. Really disappointed by the cheek in tongue attitude and rehashing.

Skip it unless you need to own everything published under the Wonder Woman series.

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