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Château Enginerd: And Now We Wait…

We are down to the wire folks! By Nov 30th the occupancy extension or rent back contract expires. By then our loan rate lock would have expired and cannot be extended. The last day to hold the Samsung smart fridge is near as well. Lots of tasks are going to be completed this month, as it all draws to a close. Our current home officially sells tomorrow. The hope now is that the house is ready by next Monday to move in or else there will be a lot of scrambling to do during the Thanksgiving holiday.

I don’t like last minute plan changes for things of this nature. As much as finding solutions to problems is my forté, the amount of energy these efforts require drain me. With no vacation days to spare, and a bunch of baby showers and weddings on the horizon, I’m running out of time to work miracles. It is down to the subcontractor and the water/waste folks to get in gear this week and go for the win.

The house is beautiful but taking time to adjust to it won’t be easy if we have to rush everything through the door last minute. The thought of living out of boxes is really distasteful and I can only camp out in this limbo where “we stay in a house we already gave up” for so long. At some point the bough breaks and the game has to end. Waiting with our hands tied sucks!

To counter the effect of losing the loan rate lock, we decided to payoff all the credit card and revolving debt we can to get a lower PMI and APR. My credit took a dive when we had to put the upgrades on the joint cards – the pay cut cut my acquisition power a bit which makes it really tight when we have to pull savings into endeavors like this one. I’m sure it will all work out but the uncertainty and risk are killing me.

Stay tuned. We may have water and sewer hook ups soon. Fence is up, well partially. Hehe

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