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Earth Day!

April 22nd is know worldwide as Earth Day, a celebration of our planet and the many ways we can help save and conserve it. It was born in  the USA in 1970 to educate people about oil spills, the need for alternative fuels, the protection of endangered species  and the damage carbon emissions were exerting […]

Layoff Mrs Enginerd

The Layoff, Revisited

On March 20th, the first anniversary of the layoff, I had just returned from an assignment in London. For a group of folks, their layoff doesn’t have such a happy ending but at some point we all get back to business. If you happen to be facing a layoff situation, the best advice I can […]

Etiquette Mrs Enginerd

I Volunteer! (We get paid, right?)

I doubt that when Katniss Everdeen uttered her now famous words, “I volunteer as tribute!”, she was expecting any kind of compensation other than saving her sister from The Hunger Games. In the real world, there seems to be a disconnect between the use of the word volunteer and its meaning. The simple definition of […]