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Women of Color in STEM Conference

The 2016 conference took place from Oct 13th to Oct 15th. It was a nice 60°F. 😀 With the tagline STEM is a girl thing, the 21rst annual Women of Color in STEM conference kicked off at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan. My managers decided to send me to this event because as an […]

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The New Powerpuff Girls

Sugar, spice, Chemical X and everything nice! That’s what Professor Plutonium used when creating the Power Puff Girls. This extraordinary Kindergarteners were blessed with super speed, flight, super strength and a slew of super powers, turning them into the perfect super heroes. Blossom, dressed in pink, is the organized leader and strategist. Buttercup, dressed in green, […]

Layoff Mrs Enginerd

The Layoff, Revisited

On March 20th, the first anniversary of the layoff, I had just returned from an assignment in London. For a group of folks, their layoff doesn’t have such a happy ending but at some point we all get back to business. If you happen to be facing a layoff situation, the best advice I can […]