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Women of Color in STEM Conference

The 2016 conference took place from Oct 13th to Oct 15th. It was a nice 60°F. 😀 With the tagline STEM is a girl thing, the 21rst annual Women of Color in STEM conference kicked off at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan. My managers decided to send me to this event because as an […]

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The Organized Mind by Daniel J. Levitin

From organizational structures to everyday routines, most of us fail to create systems that will help us process, archive and retrieve the information we need to make decisions effectively. By exploring the techniques in his book, The Organized Mind, Daniel J. Levitin invites us to learn about our own cognitive limitations when processing information in […]

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Math, Geometry and #LoveWins

Books tend to find me… I was at the airport waiting for my flight to San Francisco (June 2015) when a Hudson Booksellers caught my attention. They had a buy two get the third book free sale but because of the short flight ahead, my interest was on acquiring just one book. A quick read. […]