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The New Powerpuff Girls

Sugar, spice, Chemical X and everything nice! That’s what Professor Plutonium used when creating the Power Puff Girls. This extraordinary Kindergarteners were blessed with super speed, flight, super strength and a slew of super powers, turning them into the perfect super heroes. Blossom, dressed in pink, is the organized leader and strategist. Buttercup, dressed in green, is the brawn and muscle of the team. And Bubbles, the heart of the operation, is dressed in blue and lives for hugs. They are sisters with big googly eyes, big hearts; extremely cute but deadly. Together they solve and fight crime, saving Townsville from the many villains that threaten its stability and safety.

Growing up with sisters, the 1990s version of the Girls became role models to build our relationships. They taught us in action packed 30 minute episodes to love each other and ourselves, to learn from our mistakes and to work through our differences. There isn’t a task too big or too small when you pour all your energy, skills and knowledge into the endeavor, especially if good comes out of it. They also taught us that sisters fight, they bicker and they make fun of each other but they always hug it out and make up in the end. Together we were unstoppable, invincible!

When Cartoon Network announced that they were rebooting the series fans worried that it was going to be changed to please the new generation of viewers, most who hadn’t been born when the original series premiered in 1998. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the charm and appeal of the Powerpuff Girls has been protected and enhanced. The girls recently leveled up Goku and Vegeta style and have a new superpower upgrade. If you wanted to out a label on it you could describe it as DragonBall for girls.

Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles make fun of themselves while learning together how to become more effective as a team. They tease each other about their strengths and weaknesses, and the forgive and forget whatever comes between them. All of the old nemesis are back, including Princess Morbucks, Mojo Jojo and Him, and all of the friends too! The Mayor, Ms Bellum and the Kinderganten class and schoolmates remind us that the girls have normal lives even though they have to save the world on demand.

To commemorate the launch of the new series, which almost feels like a welcomed continuation, Cartoon Network came up with campaign to Powerpuff yourself. It was so delightful to watch all of my friends post their renditions of their character. Buttercup has always been my favorite but I couldn’t pull of her haircut, so I ended up creating an avatar that was more realistic. Thet added an option to make ot a giff so I hope it comes across in the blog. (Looks like it did!)


The show airs Thursdays at 6pm EST.

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