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Fall Projects – Part 2

Our porch was built 18″ off the ground which is 11 inches too tall based on build codes. How did the inspectors miss this? We will never know. Because this is not technically a warranty claim and our builder is no longer in business we had to take care of this ourselves. Luckily, our landscaper came up with a quick and simple solution: build a paver patio to serve as a step/landing.

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I had already fallen and twisted my ankle because of the height differential and asked for the job to be done as soon as possible. Serendipitously, the weather conspired and it only took three crisp November dates to complete the task. The result was 150 sq ft of extended patio surface that can double as an entertainment space. It looks so well that we are planning to extend it an additional 150 sq ft, to be able to cover the side and back walkways to avoid overgrown weeds and uneven terrain. The coolest part is Zach loves playing in the concrete pavers when the ground is extremely wet! 🎉

More patio rehabilitation fun times to follow. Stay tuned!

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