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In Memoriam: Grandma Delia

My grandmother was a spectacular woman, a true warrior who stopped at nothing to keep her family safe and well fed. She was ahead of her time in ways that are easy to admire and hard to explain: she was fierce, a very confident and assertive piece of work that always spoke her mind. When […]

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F@%k Cancer, Part 2

“Lilo is coming?” She kept asking me where my sister was as she stalled for time to remember my name. The gorgeous smile that came with that question had a hint of quiet apprehension, because I wasn’t supposed to be there and she knew it. My presence wasn’t unwelcomed, nevertheless she must have realized something […]

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The Wonderland Murders (Investigation Discovery)

Did you know that the Pacific Northwest is notorious for breeding serial killers? One only needs to mention the Green River Killer who operated in the suburbs of Seattle, WA to realize how easy it is to dispose of bodies in the beautiful lush wilderness. That is one of the downsides of living in such […]