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Top 5 Snow Handling Hacks for Snow Noobs

For the last two weeks the Pacific Northwest (PNW) has been surprised with a foot or more of cumulative snow fall, a freak occurrence in these parts of the world. (Blame Global Warming!) To survive in the “arctic tundra” there are a few easy tools and procedures you can follow to make your experience more […]

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The Wonderland Murders (Investigation Discovery)

Did you know that the Pacific Northwest is notorious for breeding serial killers? One only needs to mention the Green River Killer who operated in the suburbs of Seattle, WA to realize how easy it is to dispose of bodies in the beautiful lush wilderness. That is one of the downsides of living in such […]

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The Great Migration of 2016

Ten years ago, the first group of Millennials -depending on how you select the origin of this generational bracket- graduated college and set out to join the workforce. As newly minted post 9/11 professionals, opportunities were scarce and salaries even more meager but they had no choice but to venture out into the world and […]