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The Wonderland Murders (Investigation Discovery)

Did you know that the Pacific Northwest is notorious for breeding serial killers? One only needs to mention the Green River Killer who operated in the suburbs of Seattle, WA to realize how easy it is to dispose of bodies in the beautiful lush wilderness. That is one of the downsides of living in such a gorgeous and pristine land; you never know how many secrets are hidden deep in the secluded evergreen forest.

The Wonderland, and area nearby Portland, Oregon houses many incidents of disappearances and violent crimes ripe with subject matter for a reality TV documentary style procedural. Using true stories, actual crime scene footage or reenactments, and interviews from detectives, friends and family, each episode takes us on a wild ride to determine who dunnit and solve the unfortunate demise of the featured victim. You can feel the emotion of the moment and the sincerity of the investigators’ commitment to closing cases. Their reactions regarding catching the perp or perps responsible and helping the families deal with their loss tug at your heartstrings. These are good cops, excellent people, and it shows.

The coolest part for me about the show is that most of the detectives features in the episodes as leads are women. If I have learned something in all my years in the PNW is that the females that walk and work this land are fierce; they are empowered and respected by their peers and industries to succeed. Detective Daul, Det. Michaels and the medical examiner blew me away as they shared their recollections about each case in such a strong and empathic manner. Det. Arias, and the guys don’t disappoint either giving their all to get the job done.

If you are looking for an interesting, matter of fact, human show about murder and its impacts to families and the police departments protecting them, this is a must watch for you. Currently streaming On Demand and on the ID app, it is halfway through its first season.


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