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In Ice Cold Blood (Oxygen)

Before finding my new guilty pleasure The Wonderland Murders, I had been watching In Ice Cold Blood narrated by SVU’s own Ice-T. As a fan of true crime shows I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to check out this dark spin on this documentary format and wasn’t impressed with the stand alone episodes. Don’t get me wrong, murder should not be entertaining and the shock value angle wasn’t working out for me. It fell a bit embellished and not as engaging or emotional as other series. However, the narration tied the themes well and got each episode across the finish line. Not a bad show, just uniquely gimmicky as the title suggests.

Oxygen is doing a good job of inserting itself into the true crime narratives. As the show matures, there may be more improvement which makes it worth tracking. It’s attempting to be in the more grander more macabre side but it wasn’t coming across as a serious crime drama to me. You be the judge. Check it out Season One On Demand and through the Oxygen app.


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