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Disappeared (Investigation Discovery)

There are a lot of shows out there on true crime but none will leave you as distraught and thirsty for answers as Disappeared. With reenactments and interviews from the loved ones of the missing, this show attempts to keep on the public eye the mysterious disappearances of people of all ages around the United States. From those that made national news to the ones that only shook the foundations of small tows, this Investigation Discovery show does it best at presenting the known facts of the story to stir the memories of those possible witnesses that may not be aware they are the missing piece needed to solve these mind-boggling puzzles.

Acting as a platform to solicit information on these active and sometimes cold cases, the eight seasons have spurred multiple investigations, podcasts and chatrooms uniquely dedicated to understanding the circumstances surrounding these vanishings. In recent years, there has been a trend of the public finding theories that lead to remains or persons of interest (POI), and even to the missing themselves. There seems to be an entire generation that didn’t follow the news or either was too young or too distracted to realize the plights to find the missing were appealing to them for assistance. Now, with decades in between some of these alleged abductions or acts of foul play, social media has allowed for these cases to be rediscovered by the masses, making them popular in ways that weren’t as effective or as widespread worldwide as before.

Watch episodes streaming now On Demand, on the ID app and website, and on Hulu. Follow the conversation on reddit.

Happy sleuthing!

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