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Having just written Safety Before Beauty the case of Jennifer Kesse struck a chord with me. She looked over her shoulder, talked on the phone whenever she was alone in situations that were not 100% safe and even carried mace yet she was abducted. The investigation was steered in this direction early on based on the fact that there is video of a stranger parking her car a mile away from her condo in a shady apartment complex. Without any other leads, the case has stalled for over 10 years. The Kesses remain in the shadows about what happened to their daughter, and not a day goes by that they don’t aid those interested in her case to find some closure.

Hosted by Shaun Gurd, these podcast intends to shed some light into Jen’s mysterious disappearance, setting straight all the misinformation surrounding the case. With theories, boots on ground sleuthing, and commentary by Kesse’s mom, the episodes are not only objective but 100% backed up by those who want nothing more than to bring her home. Soundbites from the actual news coverage are both chilling and heartbreaking. There is raw emotion, frustration and disbelief clearly evident in the voices of those who had to turn every stone, and look in every nook and cranny for this blonde and ambitious 24 year old.

With short and meaningful episodes, you will not be able to stop listening to the many twists and turns this story takes. Check out Unconcluded on Google Play, Audioboom, and subscribe for updates. Sponsor via Patreon and/or spread the word!

Let’s bring Jennifer home.

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