Accused: The Unsolved Murder of Elizabeth Andes (Podcast)

Two trials. Two acquittals. No new leads, suspects or witnesses. The Andes family, Beth’s friends, and Bob Young, the boyfriend everyone was convinced was responsible for her demise are still waiting for a conviction and/or answers after 40 years. Reporters Amber Hunt and Amanda Rossmann from the Cincinnati Enquirer investigate the unsolved murder of the beautiful recent graduate who went back after Christmas to pack up her apartment and leave Oxford, OH to build a new life as a department store fashion manager in neighboring Cincinnati. They attempt to find new clues and leads that can help solve the crime which has baffled investigators and become legendary to those studying at nearby Miami University.

Elizabeth, 23, was found bound, strangled and stabbed 20 times in the home she shared with college friends. Her boyfriend, Bob Young, is the unfortunate soul that witnesses the gruesome scene after making a planned trek from his parent’s home 90 mins away to meet up with her. Frantic, he bangs on neighbors doors until someone opens up and lets him use their phone to call the police. The detectives quickly zero in on Bob, a very popular and well known football player, balking at any attempt to expand their suspect list beyond him. Crimes of passions such as this one are almost always committed by someone close to the victim. Why bother to find an alternate perp for the homicide?

Check out the nine episodes for Season one and learn more about the tangled web that was weaved by the unfortunate events that led to the loss of this remarkable young woman. As of July 2018 the case is still open, not considered cold or closed, and the family and their lawyer have hope individuals come forward with new evidence to finally find closure. Accused is currently reaming via Google Podcasts, Stitcher and other online sources.

Happy sleuthing!

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2 replies on “Accused: The Unsolved Murder of Elizabeth Andes (Podcast)”

I believe Glascock did it because he wanted to be with Bob and as long as Beth was in the way (in his mind), he couldnt be. That said, I also believe it’s possible that Bob had something going on in both gardens and sat on the fence, if you get me. Has to be some reason why Glascock thought he and Bob were in love, and I believe Bob could have led him on. He had to know the guy was a nutter…but he was young and underestimated him. The one thing I do NOT get is the pin cushion. THAT should have gotten an immediate reaction from Bob. I don’t think he is being 100% forthright.


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