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Unconcluded (Podcast)

Having just written Safety Before Beauty the case of Jennifer Kesse struck a chord with me. She looked over her shoulder, talked on the phone whenever she was alone in situations that were not 100% safe and even carried mace yet she was abducted. The investigation was steered in this direction early on based on […]

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Active Shooter: America Under Fire

Columbine. Pulse. Aurora. Navy Yard. These are a few of the incidents featured in Showtime’s documentary series Active Shooter. Eight heart wrenching episodes tell the story of the epidemic that has our classrooms and public spaces under siege. Every 19 days there is a shooting reported in the United States, many perpetrated by people who […]

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The Show Must Go On…

The tragedy in Orlando’s Pulse Club reminded me of Freddie Mercury’s iconic performance during the video and Queen tours of the song The Show Must Go On. He had been fighting HIV/AIDS for a long time  and we didn’t even know how close we were to losing him. Mercury was a symbol of the struggles […]