Adulting F@%k Cancer Mrs Enginerd

F@%k Cancer, Part 6

There’s always a calm before the storm. The tumor’s original scan. Isn’t it impressive? To think that unevenly shaped – multiform mass had caused all this drama! I can’t believe it’s already December. Wow! Never in a million years did I think mom would be in hospice care at this age, much less waiting for […]

Mrs Enginerd Project Zach

Fluffy Fluffy Happy Puppy

I caught my husband song singing this phrase this Zach one winter morning. His fur was all wet and cold from the rain so he was asking for a rub down. The amount of love these two have for each other is unbelievable especially since they were total strangers two years and a month ago. […]

Book Reviews Mrs Enginerd

A Dog’s Purpose (Book)

When I picked this book up I misunderstood the premise. I thought it was about the multiple lives of one dog with many families. Turns out the story was rather about reincarnations of the same canine soul into different doggies! To be fair, the concept of reincarnation is not novel and has been around for […]

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The New (Star Wars) Expanded Universe

Before we begin, let me clarify that the reason the old Expanded Universe or EU, was more to my liking is because Ben is the name of Luke’s and Mara’s son, who is not a complete tool like Kylo Ren. Although I love Rey, BB8 and Finn, I resent having to play Disney’s and LucasFilms’s […]