Life’s a Journey

There was a road less traveled, A winding, unkempt, delapidated trail With lots of promise and road blocks. It wouldn't be easy to travel it but it was worth the journey. I dared to dream, to hope and breathe Taking the road less traveled would challenge and excite me. However tough the going got, I... Continue Reading →

Happy Tail

Wag wag wag, Ouch! Tear noise. What happened to my tail? Lick, lick, lick Ouch! It hurts. Shrinks into a little ball and sighs. The doctor put me in a cone, A shame I wear to heal, Bumping into every one and everything I go, Until I got to sleep. And when I wake, Good... Continue Reading →


Love, eternal Flawless win over death. Hope, endearing and bright in the middle of the darkness. Lust, perennial mistress of heart's desire. Empathy, Bold, gracious and kind keeps these three at bay. Love, hope and lust wisely.

What I Like About You The Most

What I like about you the most is your friendly stare, The warmth of your embrace. The encouragement in your whispers. What I like about you the most is the passion in your speech, The many times you claim my heart, my mind and spirit by just being you, By fighting for a world that's... Continue Reading →

I Am Wonder Woman

This one goes out to the women in my life who are full of wonder, fire, resilience, love and wisdom. I am love personified, The neverending fire that fuels desire and dreamers, The unextinguishable passion that drives humanity's will to thrive, To exist. I am the warrior, the queen of light, the princess of perseverance,... Continue Reading →

Feed Your Inner Child

Don't grow up to fast Find wonder in every thing, In every thought, In every living creature. Wear your Mickey ears, Your R2D2 dress, Your lightsabers. Be free of worry and dare to be you. No one else can pull it off quite as well. Dream of spaceship and space missions, Build rockets that can... Continue Reading →

Marry Someone Who 

Marry someone who loves your little quirks, Who pauses the basketball game with seconds to go to hear you talk about your day. Marry someone who finds your flaws adorable, Who helps you grow wiser not just bolder or prouder. Marry someone who can dedicate time to understanding how you feel, Someome who studies who... Continue Reading →

La Despedida

Mi corazón no puede con el peso de tu partida, Los largos días lamentando no tenerte despues de bellas noches soñando con tu presencia me han dejado sin energía, vacía, perpleja y confundida. La brújula de mi amor está quebrantada, perdida estoy en este mundo sin norte, sin perspectiva. La llama del amor extinguiéndose lentamente,... Continue Reading →

My Fondest Childhood Memory, You

The day we met the sun shone brightly, The swingset chains hot the touch. Yet you ventured to push the pigtailed girl until her spirit took flight, Turning her into your biggest ally. I fell hard for your beautiful disarming smile, One I'd see you flash many times hence throughout all your academic and athletic... Continue Reading →

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